Sunday, May 28, 2006

In Loving Memory


Sandi said...

Yes Chad, "IN LOVING MEMORY" Thank you. Aunt Sandi

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful head stone, a beautiful setting on that hill, and what a beautiful memory!
Jen Jones

Anonymous said...

The head stone is beautiful. I am sure you miss her terribly. We pray for you and Emrie.

Keith said...

While none of us can miss Amy like you miss her, she is truly missed by her church family and friends.

I for one know that there is still a void in our lives that Amy so graciously filled. We miss her.

But also know that God has sent the Holy Spirit to Antioch and our leaders and has wonderful things in store for us.

Till we get that wonderful reunion in Heaven!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks Chad for putting this on your site. In a small way, it gives our family an opportunity to visit Amy's grave site. What a beautiful setting for such a beautiful person. We were so blessed to have Amy in our lives, even if it was for such a short period of time. Amy will be in our hearts and memories forever. Your mom and I miss her so much. We continue to pray for you, Emrie, the entire Barnard family and Antioch Mills Christian Church. Love,

Anonymous said...

A beautiful, peaceful place for a beautiful memory of a wonderful kindred spirit!

Praise be to God that this is just one of many ways and places to remember her. We know that she is home !

Blessed be to all who loved and cherished her.