Wednesday, May 17, 2006


Over the last several months, my staff and I have watched the entire Nooma series in preparation for an upcoming series of messages. I finished up tonight by watching Rhythm. Nooma is a creative teaching format produced by pastor Rob Bell from Mars Hill Church in Michigan.

Note: The name Nooma is an English phonetic spelling of the Greek word pneuma, which is commonly translated to “spirit” or “breath”.

These videos are hard to explain as they are incredibly unique. They're usually brief in nature but are hard to shake from your memory. It's like he purposefully tossed a sermon and a mini-movie into a blender and out popped Nooma. There are currently 12 films in the series and I've got to narrow it down to 5 or 6.

If you've seen the series and have a favorite, share it with me. If you've never seen one of Bell's videos, visit the Nooma site and explore.

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Matt Coulter said...

Hey Chad,
Thanks for pointing out the Nooma. Cool stuff. I hear great things about Rob Bell but have had little exposure to his ministry. Also, you asked about my site's RSS feed... that should do it for you.