Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Stickers, Parties, And Other Political Ramblings

I voted today and I have the sticker to prove it. Because these were the primaries and because of my party affiliation I was limited in who I could vote for. Which got me to thinking…why do we still utilize a two party system in the USA? This may show my bleeding ignorance of political happenings [and for that I could care less] but I just can’t see the need to operate within the same system our grandfathers did. Unless that system is the best system to select our canidates. Which I doubt that it is.

And why we’re talking politics, it burns me up to know people swear allegiance to a certain political party when they know in their gut that their ideology is no longer in harmony. I’ve never understood why mature adults vote for their preferred party over the best available candidate.

I vote for Emrie Doerr, President of the United States, 2058!


B0Z said...

Hi Chad! Lisa forwarded me your blog url. Welcome to blogging! I have a blog page as well. I write about more politics than anything else and sometimes I don't blog for weeks. I enjoy it as a useful way to vent about politics.



Evan said...

Your comment about mature adults voting for the party and not the person reminds me of a quote I heard a while back. The quote comes from a well-known preacher in Kentucky.

It went something like this, "Some of you vote for such-and-such party, because your great-grandfather, and your grandfather voted for such-and-such party. Well I've got news for you, when your great-grandfather and grandfather voted for such-and-such party, men dated women!"

I thought it was quite funny--and quite true as well.

Anonymous said...

AMEN! If Emri will be anything like her mama and poppa, I'd vote for her. Sandi

Chad Doerr said...

Evan, that quote was hillarious. I wonder who the preacher was? I can only imagine.