Tuesday, June 13, 2006

A Developing Tradition

Of late, I've had the opportunity to go out to lunch with my staff on Tuesdays. On a good day it's all three of us. Today it just so happened Lonnie had other obligations and so Kevin and I hit Howard's Place [too old school to have a link but sweet food nonetheless]. Not only was the Philly Steak great, the conversation was even better. Kevin and I had the chance to reminisce about how far Antioch has come and we both got excited as we shared our dreams about the future. I truly believe the best years for Antioch are yet to come and I hope I'm around to see them.


Anonymous said...

Do I hear an Amen! Amen and WOW!

Evan said...

Chad, I'm excited with you about Antioch's future. You guys have made some difficult, but essential decisions--and the Lord will bless that. Your congregation is very loving, and you have a hard-working, talented staff (don't tell Kevin I said that).

Keep up the good work, brother.

Anonymous said...

Chad, Antioch has come a long way, just since your Mom and I left to join Lakeside, 1 year ago this month. Everytime we come back for a visit we are amazed to see so many new faces! It thrills us to see the love, and the energy that exuberates from the time we walk in the door until we walk out the door. You have a wonderful group of dedicated leaders. I too believe the best years for Antioch are yet to come. Good luck as you take that big step as you begin 2 services.

I love you. May you have a happy Father's Day. You have my vote for "Father of the Year"!