Monday, June 12, 2006

Long Day

I'm beat. This was no typical Monday. As if Mondays aren't hard enough, I volunteered at our church's VBS [Vacation Bible School] and then went to work on my house. We're re-doing my hard wood floors and forced myself to apply the second coat of poly urethane [two down, two to go]. I'll be glad to get the project done. It was actually something that Amy wanted and was started nearly a year ago. She loved hard wood floors and we have some beautiful ones that have been covered up with carpet and some sweet 70's linoleum.

On a side note, I would ask for your prayers as I have the opportunity to speak to a group of high school students on Wednesday night. As always, I just want to be used by God to inspire these teens into a deeper walk with Christ.

I'm off to bed.

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Anonymous said...

Chad, in my early years, I always used the "I'm in no condition" to avoid doing housework!! That was the family joke. Now when I clean or finish a project, I look up to heaven and say "what do you think granny? I still talk to my mom, and laugh, remembering our family get togethers, and everyone applauding me when I finally got something "done"! I feel Amy just might be grinning, watching you so lovingly re-doing the hardwoods. Being a lover of music, the song "NITTY GRITTY" comes to my mind when I read your post......When it comes to the hardwoods and a group of high school students, you will get, right down to the real nitty gritty, and speak to their souls. Keep us informed. Aunt Sandi