Tuesday, June 27, 2006

I'm So Excited!

I find myself excited about several upcoming events and thought I might take a moment and share.
  • Going to two services in September. We sense something special taking place at Antioch and our leadership desires to position ourselves in such a way as to maximize this movement of God. But I'd be lying if I didn't confess that I'm a little nervous. How balanced will our two services be? Will I enjoy preaching the same message twice? Will we have the volunteer staff we need? These are all issues I'm daily handing over to God.
  • Mentoring under Bob Russell. I shared Saturday how he retired after 40 years of preaching at the same church. Well, his heart is to train younger preachers [I have no idea if I'm even remotely close to being considered young still] and so starting monthly in January, he is taking eight young preachers, inviting them to Country Lake Retreat Center, and mentoring them for a couple days. He's even having the guys over to his house for dinner. I'm excited because I applied online tonight. I have no idea if I'll get accepted but I'm excited at just the thought of learning from one of the best [and eating at his dinner table].
  • Vacation. The end of July can't come soon enough. I need some time to get away and relax with Emrie. We're planning to spend a couple days in northern Ohio with Amy's sister, Julie, and her growing family. And then we'll spend a couple days with my sister. Emrie will enjoy the time with cousins and I'm excited about attending her new church.

I'll keep you updated on these events but do me a favor and bathe them in prayer [especially the first two].


Evan said...

I'm excited for you, Chad. You guys have something special going at Antioch, and two services will enable you to continue growth.

About the mentoring thing, I also wondered if I'm still considered young. I do have a few years on you, though :).

Sandi said...

Gosh Chad, I'm not a patient person, any word from Bob Russell? ha! Aunt Sandi

gretchenhs said...

You know...I keep thinking about how much our church has grown since I started there. It's just amazing! When Lizzie was born in late 2003, there were a handful of toddlers and infants put together. Now, my goodness we have filled up the basement with them! I believe we average about 20 a week between the 2! AMAZING!
Keep preaching the Good Word, sweet Chad, because you are bringing those people back and they are telling their friends.

I'm looking forward to 2 services because now I can attend one and still help out with the toddlers! YAY!

You know...the first time I heard you preach you were "interviewing" and I thought, wow, he's such a great speaker. I told my neighbors, if he gets hired, I'm there! hehe
You always have reminded me of another great preacher named Howard Olds, whom I love dearly and influenced my life greatly growing up.