Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Potty Mouth

I get most of my news from Yahoo and Steve Carr [not in that order] but the other day I picked up the Washington Times and what I read made me chuckle.

A talking urinal.

Yes, you heard right. A bioengineer invented a motion sensitive device that delivers an advertisement or public service announcement while we gentlemen are having a private moment. Talk about a captive audience. By the time the talking urinal begins its spiel the guy is already committed. It's kinda dirty if you ask me...unless that is, they could invent one that would remind my daughter to wipe and wash her hands. Now we're talking!


Anonymous said...

If you find out they have invented the one that reminds of the all important wipe and wash.....please let me know!

Sandi said...

"Potty Mouth", this is too funny! Thanks for sharing your sense of humor Chad. Aunt Sandi

steve-o said...


News conference later this afternoon.