Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Contagious Blogging

Is it me, or is this blogging thing contagious? Since starting in May, I've had six friends join me on this blogging journey. First there was my aunt Sandi, an avid reader of An Open Doerr. Then there was Jen, a full-time mother and part-time Mary Kay consultant. In her footsteps was Jeni, a stay at home mom and homeschooler. Then there was Jana. Let it be known, I was not the only one shocked by the news [Keith]. She is a teacher, mom, and friend that has a way with words. Then there was Ernie who has quietly entered the realm of blogging [no more is it a secret]. He is a life long Antiocher and friend. And finally...today...can I have a drum roll please? Chris Jones is now a blogger.

See what you started Steve. It's a revolution!

So in the spirit of new bloggers, I thought I might throw out a wish list. The following are folks I would love to see start.
  • Kelly - because he has nothing better to do since he's not preaching
  • Dave - so Peety doesn't beat him to it
  • Evan - because he's a word craft and would love to platform to bash Tubby
  • Andy - being a missionary in an undisclosed location, I'd love to follow daily what God is doing in his ministry
  • Scott - because he's planting Resonate Christian Church in Seattle and a blog would be a sweet addition
  • Lonnie - because the blogging world needs more Love

Feel free to add to my short list. In the mean time, keep bloggin.


Anonymous said...

Well, Chad I'm an avid reader of your blog too. I wish Evan would start one . I'm not computer savy and would end up messing up the universe if I tried. You are a real inspiration and Emrie is so very lucky to have you. And so is AMCC. Evan is very word savy and I'm sure he has a lot to say and Stacey and Addie may get tired of listening one day then he will start. This blogging thing is , well as our youngest would say "wierd". A Bracken County reader--Sheila.

Jen said...

Look what you've started. I was already an internet junkie, now I have to check up on my blog site and my myspace site daily (like 4+ times a day). Needless to say, Cris is NOT happy sometimes with the amount of time I spend on the computer.... can I blame this one on you?? By the way, I don't know all the people you'de like to see join you on blogger, but the ones you listed that I do know, I agree. They need to be joining the "real world"!

keith said...

I agree, the world needs more of Lonnie Love.

But we don't need more Tubby-bashing on the Internet. :)

And it would be cool to hear what's going on in missions and planting of churches.

Keith said...

Reminds me of the old hair commercials. You tell two friends and they tell two friends and so on and so on.

Blogs can be a great source of witnessing to unbelievers and helping Christians keep in support of each other.

Everyone keep up the good work and I enjoy reading.

I serve I Am said...

This chain has not stopped growing. I am hoping that several of my youth and a couple of my youth sponsors will be added to this list. It is truly a revolution.

beckyb said...

Chad, I'm there now. That would me at ABarnesBurner

Sandi said...

Chad, you have a wonderful and talented group of friends........I just read their blog......their words just seem to flow. I see the Holy Spirit in you and your friends. I'm so happy you feel so loved and valued as a friend. I love you Chad. Aunt Sandi

kelly said...

I won't say that I'll never be a blogger, but the odds of it happening (in the near future) are similiar to the odds of seeing those flying fish land in my boat at Cave Run. And I don't even have a boat.

Here are my thoughts on your Blogging hopefuls and current bloggers; My take is a little different perhaps.

Evan: Keep Him and his left wing Tubby agenda off line. There is plenty of that to go around.

Chris: Lord help us now that Chris is going public. I'm sure he'll be talking about real interesting things like...Wings and White Shadow rerun's.

David: Would be interested to see what he has to say, as long as the Tar Heels aren't mentioned.

Andy: Couldn't agree more.

Love: He would be an all star blogger if you could get a wireless connection to his second office.

Evan said...

Me, a blogger? Maybe.

Me, bash Tubby with blogging? You can count on it.

Me, a "left-winger"? No way Carmicael.

We'll see. I'm still new to all this blogging stuff.

Sara said...

Okay...I caught the bug! I have made a feeble attempt to join the blogging world. I probably will never post as much as Steve Carr...but you gotta have goals right!