Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Manic Monday

I had intended on making an entry last night but I laid Emrie down at 7:30pm [an hour early as she was having a melt down for no apparent reason] and we both fell asleep. I guess I was exhausted. I have had trouble of late falling asleep. I think I just have a lot on my plate and on my mind.

Though my Monday was abbreviated, it was great. I started the day having breakfast with my closest friends. Our desire is to get together a couple times every month in order to sharpen on another - confession, accountability, encouragement. I praise God for the friends He has placed in my life.

Once I arrived in the office, I had a fairly productive day though I still have no idea what I'm preaching about on Sunday. This is unusual only because I just finished up our H20 series and I'm getting ready to leave for vacation. I'm trusting that the Lord will let me know what needs to be said.

Gotta go...I have a staff meeting to attend.


Sandi said...

God bless you both Chad. Yes, you both have allot on your plates. Feelings are not easy to identify. Yes I agree, the Lord will certainly let you know what to say. Love, prayers and hugs to you both. Aunt Sandi

keith said...

I loved doing that.

Laying down with one of my two kids and then falling asleep with them was always very precious to me.