Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Bob...Day 2

Today was the first full day of the long-awaited Bob Russell Mentoring Retreat. It has certainly lived up to the hype. There are only 8 preachers plus Bob, so the quality time with him is something I never thought possible. In fact, after lunch today, the two other preachers who had been eating at our table left to return to their rooms, leaving Bob and I to have a short but personal conversation that was such a blessing to me. I had hoped that I would have an opporttunity to have such a discussion with him.

Bob spoke this morning on his top ten reasons ministry is so difficult. That morning session was followed up by Elizabeth Jeffries, a relationship strategist from Executive Mastery. We had taken an online behavioral / personality profile before arriving and she talked about how we can become better leaders as we understand how people tick - including ourselves.

We followed up by a trip to Churchhill Downs and the Louisville Slugger Museum and Factory. The highlight of the afternoon was certainly the VIP tour we got of the Louisville Slugger factory. Jack Hillerich, chairman of the board, took us on a personal tour of the facility where we ended up in the board room. Each preacher received his own personlized Louisville Slugger baseball bat with his name engraved. It was awesome! Bob's goal was for us to gleam leadership lessons from both organizations that could be translated to the church.

Our day concluded by a trip to Ruth's Chris Steakhouse. My favoritet part was that I was abole tot eat like a king and didn't have to pay a dime:)

I'll try to post tomorrow.


Chad's mom said...

Thanks be to God for the internet and this thing called "Blogging" As parents who have been almost as excited as Chad for him to attend the mentoring retreat, the Blog lets us know he is there!! What a wonderful opportunity for all the preachers attending to be advised and mentored by a Godly man such as Bob Russell. Afterall, he is "retired" and could be off somewhere warm on the golf course! But when we love the Lord, we should never retire from His work, and that is exactly the role model Bob Russell is setting for these young men. He may not have to prepare a sermon every week now, but he knows there is still plenty of work to be done till Jesus returns!

All I have to say, is Bob and John Russell must have had some kind of wonderful parents to raise two sons and both to dedicate their lives to preaching and teaching the word of God as their life-long passion. I know that to be true because I am privileged to hear the word of God each Sunday from "the OTHER BROTHER"!! Only kidding, I have just heard that term and find it funny, because in this area of KY, Bob is the "OTHER BROTHER"!

Soak it up Chad Michael and then preach it and teach it! There is so many people around us everyday who NEED THE LORD JESUS.

Evan said...

Ruth's Chris?

You make me sick...

Sandi said...

What a blessing Chad! Bill and I are so full of happiness for you and your learning experience with Bob Russell. Just another big WOW from the Lord. and,

eating at "Ruth Chris"!!!!!

keith said...

So did the steak taste anything like the arm roast you made back in the summer?????????