Saturday, February 10, 2007

His Needs Her Needs

I just finished my sermon for tomorrow. I'll be talking to wives, which makes me a bit uncomfortable. But before I hit the sack I wanted to pass along a book recommendation. It's called "His Needs Her Needs" and I've leaned heavily on it this week in my prep. It's written by Willard Harley who is a clinical psychologist who has counseled hundreds, if not thousands, of struggling married couples. In this book he compiles what he sees to be the five biggest needs of both husband and wife. This book could bless your marriage.


drmacab97 said...

Hey Chad! I just wanted to encourage your readers that this truly is a great study. It's not just for struggling marriages either, I think anyone can get something out of it. David & I have what we consider an amazing marriage and have always been blessed with just a great friendship and healthy/vibrant love for each other and God. We took this course about three or four years ago at our church because all of our ministry friends were signing up and talking about how good it was. I have to say that it turned our great marriage into an even better one! It's just a cool way to learn more about each other and how to communicate even better than you already do. It's good for anyone who wants to keep working to make sure they are the best for their mate. Our class was very diverse. There were people in our class ranging from those like newlyweds who were just learning to get to know each families where both had been divorced and are now married...and even one couple who was separated at the time! It was great for all of us, the separated couple is currently back together and leading classes in their church! If anyone out there gets a chance to take the course do it, no matter where you are in your marriage. :) David & I might actually lead the course as well as we get settled into our new church, we'll see where God leads. God Bless! Mary :)

Candie said...

I was suprised at what I got out of today's message. Being single/divorced I thought I would get very little out of today's sermon....was I COMPLETELY wrong! I saw the things I failed to do when I was I can be a better wife if God ever blesses me with a Christian husband....and what I realistically should expect from my him. Thanks for the insight and I can not wait for the rest of the series!

keith said...

Both the sermon on husbands got me refocused on what I need to be doing as a husband and the sermon on wives have been a blessing for me, already.

thanks for having the "guts" to go ahead with such topics. :)