Thursday, March 01, 2007

Growing Up

There are moments throughout the parenting process that you are hit with the reality that your child is growing up. I had one of those moments today.

Twice a week, a friend from church watches Emrie. She lives just a block and a half down the street and all winter my daughter has been asking if she can walk to Ms. Susan's. Of course it was too cold so I told her that maybe when it warmed up we could let her.

Well, today was warm enough and so I called Susan and told her I would walk Emrie to the corner and would let her travel the rest of the way on her own. As we walked to the corner she shouted across the street to our neighbor Pete, "I'm walking to Ms. Susan's by myself!" She had quite the hop in her step.

As I let go of her hand to let her cross the street she began to run. And as she ran so many memories flooded my mind. My little girl is growing up and I'm so proud of her. I'm very grateful God has placed her in my life!

My prayer continues to be Acts 7:20.


Chad's Dad said...

Well son, no more making fun of your dad's sentimentality. Now you know how your mother and I felt the first time we let you go to that little corner grocery in Urbana, OH. It was just 2 blocks away. I remember it like it was yesterday, yet it was so long ago.

I tell so many young parents with children Emrie's age...treasure all the moments, because before you know it, she will be walking down the isle with her daddy by her side. I hope I live long enough to be there for that. I'm just sorry I missed that moment you had as you watched her on her way to Ms. Susan's. God bless you Chad for appreciating that moment. I love you both.


Anonymous said...

Any child would be blessed beyond belief to have a father like you!

Evan said...

I'm going to keep this blog in mind when she has her first date :)

Keith said...

Better than that Evan is when she is still your little girl in the 6th grade and a boy calls to talk to her. GGGGGGGGGGGGRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!