Monday, December 08, 2008

Unpacking The Move

Here are some tid-bits on our recent move:
  • We didn't make the decision to move back to Louisville until Wednesday of last week. Though it wasn't our first choice, we're trusting God that He wants us in the Ville for a while.
  • The weather and bad roads turned the one day move into an entire weekend extravaganza:)
  • Praise the Lord for friends...and lots of them. Much of Saturday's help returned Sunday after church to unload the truck.
  • Banana boxes make great moving boxes!  Thanks JP!
  • Bridget Kay makes a killer beef stew!  She fed like ten of my hungry helpers:)
  • Generous people make me smile:)  Thank you God for surrounding me with them.
  • Knowing that you can't get everything you own on a 26' Uhaul makes one wonder if they have too much stuff.
  • Jennifer is rearranging the furniture and we've added some of my office furniture. It feels like a whole new house. I must admit, I love change.
  • I'm hoping the next move is the last least for a long while:)
  • We very grateful to have a roof over our head. It's amazing to think that so many are sleeping under the stars tonight on this cold December night. How could I ever complain.

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